Cutting Curves with Paper Templates

I want you to know how to cut curves so you can do any quilt you come across that pulls at your heart strings and makes you overly excited! 

I have made this tutorial for you so you can have the tips and confidence to go for it. Every curve you cut the better you will become! Here is a video I made for you to see exactly how I cut fabric with curved templates. 

Supplies needed are a 45mm Rotary Cutter (my preference), 4” to 6” square ruler, paper templates.

Step 1: Print out templates and make sure the proportion box measures accurately.

If it does not you can enlarge the template during printing. If it is a paper template you can enlarge or reduce on a copier.

Step 2: Cut out templates carefully.

Step 3: Cut the along the curved edge first. Pivot the ruler to guide the rotary cutter around the curve.

The ruler will act as a buffer keeping your from cutting into your paper template.

Slow and steady is key.

Light pressure on the ruler so you do not budge your fabric.

Tip: Try your best to keep the rotary cutter completely vertical as it is cutting around the curve.This will keep the blade from cutting at an angle making your pieces different sizes.

Step 4: Cut the straight edges next making sure the fabric is flat and didn’t bunch up or walk apart if cutting multiple layers while cutting the curve.

There you go! You can totally do this! Each cut will get better and easier for you as you get a feel for it. If its your first time cutting curves it never hurts to order a little extra fabric or practice on some scrap fabric first!

Always feel free to reach out to me with any questions. Until next time remember perfection is pointless, and you can do it! 


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