Mini Project Iron

Mini Iron, Mini Project Iron, iron
The Oliso Mini Project Iron is my ALL time favorite iron. It packs a punch in a compact package and comes in 4 killer colors!!! 
Here is the list of features you will LOVE too! 
The Perfect Point: This is probably my favorite part. It works so well on seams and curves because it's an actual point and not a super rounded point like the larger irons have. Heat is dispersed super well through this plate so even the tip of the iron packs heat. 
Silicone Mat: This iron can get hot so it is super convenient it came with the mat. Plus it allows me to move it easily to my desk if my iron board is a little full with fabric. 
Superior Steam: The steam is so good for such a small iron well even compared against a large one actually! The water compartment is easily fillable. It provides a great amount of steam concentrated in a small area which makes it way more effective. 
Three Heat Setting: Three heat setting is great I normally hang around 2-3. A 2 can get out the scrap wrinkles while a 3 can get the wrinkles out that are caused my the bolt.  I only keep it on 3 if I am continually using it because if left on there for a long time the body of the iron gets warmer.  
Perfect Size: The size was well thought out because it will fit perfectly into your hand. It offers fantastic maneuverability with design of the "handle" fitting just right into your palm. Meaning is super easy to move and glide without actually having and handle. Plus with it being smaller you will be able to apply more pressure with this smaller iron in combination with the concentration of heat will provide a better ironing result. 
So there are my two cents on why I love this thing and will definitely be ordering one of the new colors. Hope this helps in your iron choosing decision. 
As always happy quilting, keep it peachy, and remember progress over perfection! 
Grab you Mini Project Iron HERE
Color below are Orchid, Turquoise, Yellow, and Pink. 
mini project iron, mini iron, small ironMini project iron, mini iron, small ironmini project iron, mini iron, small ironmini project iron, small iron, mini iron
mini iron, mini project iron, small iron