Quilt Camp QAL Week 4 - Basket Weave

Hello Camper friends! This week we get to be extra crafty and create the basket weave block! This is a quick, cute, and fun block that just makes you smile! 

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This block looks like its made of a ton of tiny pieces but really its just the glorious time saver of strip piecing. You will get to practice your chain piecing and really nailing down a consistent 1/4" seam.
Main thing to focus on is keep that 1/4" seam steady and not speeding through these strips pieces. Sometimes if you go too fast it will cause your strip to bow and get curvy which we do not want. 
Quilt camp, quilt camp qal, sew along, quilt along, strip piecing, rectangles
Also don't be like me and cut your back ground strips too wide. LOL I am blaming all of my mistakes on being so pregnant. Haha
You will really enjoy how quickly this block comes together and how it looks so intricate. It also reminds me of those tiny wax beads you would put on those trays to make all kinds of shape! Honestly those were my fave as a kid! 
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I have also make a full video tutorial for you so please see that below. I hope you have a blast with this one and share, share, share! 
Don't forget to share your blocks on Instagram so you can be entered into this weeks giveaway! Use hashtags #quiltcampqal #quiltcampqalweek4 #basketweaveblock to check out all of the campers blocks!