Quilt Camp QAL Week 6 - Cross Winds

Cross Winds is the perfect mid quilt along block. Its quick, relaxing, and so so fun! Plus I live in the Texas panhandle so I am beyond used to wind! Come along as we focus on half square triangles. 

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Thankfully we worked on quarter square triangles last week, so this week you just do one step less. This block has so many plus sides to it! First you can almost cut the whole block from previous weeks scraps. Second she pairs up the same colors the whole time, so it is a little harder to get turned around. LOL 
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Lastly it only has two seams to match up so life is good with this block. I hope you enjoy this weeks block and taking a slower pace on our camping journey! I can honestly not believe we are already on week six! 
This has been one of the funnest quilting experiences I have been involved with and am so happy to have you along for the fun! 
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Remember to post your block by Sunday night so you can be entered to win this weeks giveaway. Thank you to our wonderful sponsor and all the awesome camp counselors. Plus watch the full video tutorial below and always feel free to reach out with any questions.