Quilt Camp QAL Week 8 - Bird Watching

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Let me start out by saying I am NO fan of triangles or flying geese but this block changed that for me! It was so fun and just the right amount of work for such a killer end result. 

This Bird Watching block is a fun was to build or polish up your flying geese skill set. The pieces are small but not too small thankfully and the steps are pretty straight forward. 

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Try to cut most of this blocks pieces from previous weeks scraps because its a great one with smaller pieces. 

Second focus on sewing a straight line from corner to corner on the squares. A marking out from your needle plate is super helpful with this most people just use tape. My machine has one on the extension table, so I use that. 

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Lastly here are my few tips to help reduce shrinkage with this block. Sew a scant 1/4" when piecing your vertical rows and when piecing the five large rows together at the end. 

A scant 1/4" is a seam slightly smaller than a 1/4" and helps give you just a tad more length when piecing your blocks. This plus good pressing with help keep your block closer to the 15-1/2" final square size. 

Check out the full video tutorial below and comment or reach out with any questions! 

Good luck and enjoy this crisp block! Don't forget to share your block on instagram using the hashtags #quiltcampqal #birdwatchingblock #quiltcampqalweek8 and follow the sponsors and camp counselors too! Happy quilting!!!