Quilt Camp QAL Week 9 - Due North

Howdy, campers! I can not believe how fast and fun this camp is flying by! This week we get the challenge of equilateral triangles. 

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In case you're like me and forgot 4th or 5th grade geometry an equilateral triangle is a triangle in which all three sides are the same length and the internal angles all measure 60 degrees. 

This block uses a template, so make sure the template measures correctly once you print it off. If it does not make sure the reduce or enlarge it on a copier or inside of your print settings on your computer. Another option is to use a 60 degree triangle ruler to cut the correct size triangles. 

Quilt Camp, Quilt camp quilt along, quilt along, sew along, triangle tutorial, equilateral triangles

Thankfully these triangles were not a challenging as I feared because honestly I avoid triangles most of the time but this was super fun! 

Just focus on you seams starting at the blunt edge of the triangles template or making sure you have a 1/4" dog ear that will help with the sharp triangles points. 

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I have a full tutorial below because honestly I find it hard to actually type out descriptions for this block so I hope you find that helpful!