Striped Jewel-Color Wave Kona Cottons

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Wow, I can not believe I did it. I created my own quilt pattern and I am so proud of it! Its called Striped Jewel. I want to share with you this beautiful color wave version and how I came up with the design.

I really became inspired to create a pattern at QuiltCon this past February. While I was there my mind was reeling with ideas and excitement as if I might explode. It was so fun!

I found out about the new Tule Pink Homemade line and decided I wanted to create a pattern that could showcase a large print or design well.    

Modern and classic are my two favorite words when it comes to my style. Practically my whole closet is black and white clothing if that gives you a hint into my style. My design follows that same idea. 

I wanted something bold and modern but also with crisp lines and big blocks, so that led me to the Striped Jewel quilt pattern.

I knew I wanted to make it out of Tula’s new line but I had to do a tester quilt first, so I used a fat quarter bundle I have had for the last 4 years. It was a Kona Cotton anniversary bundle I had gotten from our local quilt store Material Girlz from back in the day. Haha

Kona cotton, solid fabric, fat quarter bundle, fabric pull, bright fabric, fabric bundle 

The good bundles are just so hard to cut into but I figured my first quilt design was worth it. Plus it already had two tone color combos so it was perfect!

The colors in my bundle were the following Kona Cottons:

  • 151 Cyan
  • 442 Capri
  • 1016 Berry
  • 1066 Cerise
  • 481 Sangria
  • 1384 Watermelon
  • 441 Bonsai
  • 480 Pickle
  • 1183 Jade Green  
  • 197 Aloe
  • 443 Cedar
  • 496 Nectarine
  • 458 Storm
  • 233 Celestial
  • 476 Grellow
  • 452 Wasabi

kona cotton, solid fabric, fabric pull

The hardest part of the whole quilt was choose what order to use this bundle in. After that was done the quilt practically threw itself together which was so nice to have a fast make.

Fabric, colorful quilt, cut fabric

The stripes I love so much because of their size and it add just enough crispness to the overall quilt. The trick to keeping your stripe sets straight while you make them is to not tug or pull on them while sewing or ironing. Oh and press your seams open. You might think its a pain in the you know what but its total worth the flatness you will get in your quilt. (Is flatness a word???)

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Im loving the big block concept of this quilt because its just easier to construct over all which is nice. It makes me so happy to see this done and all the excitement around it!

Striped Jewel, Quilt pattern, beginner quilt pattern, solid quilt pattern, quilt top, solid quilt

This has been so fun to create and all the other work that goes around a pattern like this. I have learned so much while design, creating, and sharing this pattern. Please remember to tag me or use the #StripedJewelQuilt to share your beautiful creation with me!

striped jewel quilt, quilt pattern, solid quilt, solid quilt pattern, big block quilt pattern

You can get your Striped Jewel pattern HERE. I made this quilt to see what you can create and I definitely want to see your creations. So please remember to tag me and use the #StripedJewelQuilt  


Remember perfect is pointless and to keep it peachy! Happy Quilting!!!